Snorkeling + East Nusa Penida Tour

Meet the gentle marine giants & experience the highlights of the east side of Nusa Penida.

About this experience

11 hours · 5 traveling spots · Hosted in English

If you want the complete package of seeing Nusa Penida on land and water, look no further. We’re going to see some of the most beautiful coral reefs and fish species, before getting invited to play around by some colossal manta rays along the coastline.

This tour will provide you with everything you need to enjoy main snorkeling spots in Nusa Penida along with the most popular east Nusa Penida attractions in one go.

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The only thing we don’t provide in this tour experience is change of clothes.

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IDR 890,000 (USD 57.50) / person

Places we'll visit

Gamat Bay

The shallow water of Gamat Bay particularly has calm waves and clear visibility, which brings more fun when you take a dip with the variety of small colorful tropical fish. And if you’re lucky you’ll be able to see some turtles too!

Crystal Bay (seaside)

The seaside of this popular beach has a turquoise water that is a massive playground to turtles, who are quite happy to let you swim at the side of them. Crystal Bay is also a hot spot for species like sergeant fish, butterfly fish, and rabbit fish that might roam around the shallow water.

Manta Bay

Here is where the unreal experience unfolds. Once we arrive at Manta Bay, our team will be on the lookout to see any manta rays and once they spotted one, they will tell you to jump away immediately to meet with the gentle giants.

Though might be intimidating due to their sheer size and surprising maneuver, manta rays aren’t dangerous and seem to have developed a sense of playfulness around humans too!

Atuh Beach

If we’re being honest, the climb to get up and down to Atuh beach is a bit of a challenge but still very doable, and in the end, you’ll be blown away by the serene beachfront atmosphere. Here you can choose to relax on a sun bed, or just stroll around and have one of the best beach days in your life.

Diamond Beach

This one has the same entrance as Atuh and by far is the more popular of the two. Known for its scenic stairwell, Diamond Beach also has many pretty spots to take pictures thanks to its spectacular turquoise sea with coconut trees, white sand, and a few giant rocks in between.

Molenteng Tree House & Thousand Island Viewpoint

These spots are well worth going to. It’s a fun little hike down to the tree houses, which offer a paid photo spot, but it’s not an obligation. At no cost, you can proceed to go to the highest viewpoint which points to Diamond Beach from behind.

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Nusa Penida is waiting for you.

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